Wood Fired Oven Workshops


In recent times the popularity of having a outdoor wood fired oven has increased enormously offering an alternative or adjunct to the traditional barbeque.

As Australian tastes are gradually changing to include Mediterranean and other foreign cuisines there has been a shift to include a variety of dishes to supplement the traditional sausage and chop as part of the outdoor eating menu.

Pizza, focaccia and other flat breads; roasted vegetables such as eggplant, fennel and capsicum [often in association with cheeses and shaved cured meats] are becoming common as wood fired ovens are included in outdoor entertaining areas.

Oven Food

While there is a range of commercial wood fired ovens available on the market [often in kit form] there is still the attraction for the D.I.Y. enthusiast to create a distinctive, individual and site specific oven of their own.

Often what is daunting about such a project is neither the cost nor the physical labour but having some knowledge of how and what to build to make a successful wood fired oven.

Alan will show you how to build a simple wood-fired oven, using the same materials for about the same cost - virtually nothing. Of course that's not to forget that he will also be explaining and demonstrating how to build a wood-fired oven using the most sophisticated refractory materials.

If you can remember the smell of freshly baked bread that emitted from the local baker's shop and have a desire to return to the delights of food baked in a traditional way then why not build your own wood-fired oven.

The wood fired oven workshops are designed to show you how.

Milan with cutter

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