Wood Fired Oven Workshops





How much does a high tech. oven cost to build?

It will depend largely on the size of the oven and whether you make all the components yourself, or have them fabricated by others.

As a guide - for an oven on a base 1000mm. x 1200 mm. [outside diameter] the material costs are about $700 but the commercial fabrication of an oven door, for example, can add additional costs.

The above costs are for the oven alone. The base on which it sits can vary greatly in material and construction costs.

The high tech. oven built during the course, for around $700 would equate to a commercial 'off the shelf' completed oven of between $5000 and $7000 depending on where it is manufactured.


Can I combine elements of the high tech. oven with elements of a low tech. oven?

Yes, of course.

 During the workshop you will be involved in the building of 2 ovens at either end of the cost scale, but there is no reason why you can’t combine elements of either oven to suit your needs as long as the basic principals of good oven design are followed.

Does the low tech. oven need to be covered from the elements?

Preferably, yes.

While it is possible to make the outside water resistant it is difficult to make it waterproof. Like any mud brick structure the low tech. oven will last for ages if kept dry. A simple corrugated iron roof structure or plastic sheet cover will do the trick.

Do you need expensive firebricks to build a traditional brick domed oven

No, unless you are a commercial operator using the oven 365 days of the year, a successful oven can be constructed from common solid house bricks.

During the workshop you will learn how to select appropriate bricks for oven use.

Where do you buy specialized materials for oven construction?

If building a workshop low tech. oven you will find most materials from natural sources and local hardware suppliers.

However, when it comes to the specialized materials required for the high tech. oven it is best to source these goods from refractory suppliers. There is a general list under 'Books and Contacts' but during the workshop you will receive a comprehensive list relevant to the state in which the workshop is held.

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