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The following privately built wood fired ovens are site specific and have been designed to suit clients' particular needs and landscape situations. . The combination of a wood fired oven with a barbeque is popular offering a wide variety of cooking methods for outdoor entertaining.

Tanja, NSW

The combination of wood fired oven and barbeque shown here was built in Tanja, NSW in 2005. The oven sits above the wood storage bay and the gas fired barbeque neatly adjoins the side of the oven.

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Goulburn, NSW

A similar combination to the above but on a stone base and with a wood fired barbeque. Two wood fired storage places makes sensible use of space beneath the oven and barbeque.

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Wapengo, New South Wales

An example of an oven built on an earth terrace.Apart fromsaving on building an elevating base structure it also provides a heatbank beneath the oven of enormous depth.

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Surf Beach, New South Wales

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Worlands Road, Tanja

The feature of this woodfired oven and barbecue is the Spanish tile work provided by the owner. More >>

Whittles Road, Wapengo.

A former wood fired oven top is used as a barbecue plate

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