Wood Fired Oven Workshops



 Workshop Outline


with Alan Watt

Scenes from a workshop 

The wood fired oven workshop is normally held over the two days of a weekend - 9 am to 5pm Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm Sunday.

It is principally a series of ‘hands-on’ realistic activities interspersed with discussions and practical demonstrations related to wood fired oven design; construction material selection; temperature control and measurement as well as oven operation and cooking tips.

Over the two days you will be involved in the building and completing of two ovens using different materials and construction techniques.

The method of building a traiditional brick domed oven will also be explained and the process demonstrated.

One oven will be made of conventional, high quality fire bricks and refractory castable cement [High-tech.] and the other from low-cost readily available materials such as clay sand and stone dust plus a few other common materials. [Low-tech.]

In fact, you will be cooking in the low-tech. oven on the second day while still completing its construction.

For what was raw clay from the ground the first day will be a working oven the next, cooking your bread, scones, focaccia and pizzas – all for a total material cost of a little over $100.

 There are no special tools or skills required in building either oven and most workshops in the past have had an even mix of men and women.

While the activities are constant they are not strenuous and most enjoy the friendly social atmosphere that surrounds the cooperative building of an oven as a small group.

Your tutor, Alan Watt, has conducted numerous wood fired oven building workshops throughout Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria and has completed many site specific ovens for private individuals and businesses. see About Us

It is through a practical understanding of wood firing; refractory materials; heat transfer and draft management that gives his teaching technical legitimacy.

All building material costs are included and working tools are provided.

There will be morning and afternoon tea offered each day and on the Sunday you will be treated to a pizza feast composed and baked by yourself in your ‘own’ low-tech. oven.

On booking you will be sent a list of suggested personal items to bring and directions to the workshop site.

Many who have attended past workshops have gone on to build their own personal site-specific ovens often combining aspects of both high and low tech. construction techniques.

For further information contact: Alan Watt on Phone 02 64940015 or email:

[email protected]